Test and treat UTIs.
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UTI Test Kits
(3 Pack)

UTI Self Test Kit UTI Self Test Kit
UTI Self Test Kit UTI Self Test Kit

UTI Test Kits
(3 Pack)


Includes 3 Scanwell UTI Test Kits

These UTI Test Kits work with the Scanwell app to give clinical-grade results from the comfort of your home.

Know if you have a UTI in 2 minutes and get same-day treatment. 

Requires Scanwell app to perform test.

Orders placed after 1:00 p.m. EST will be shipped the following business day.

Helpful and caring doctor!


Scanwell has been an absolute life saver for me. Struggling with frequent uti’s, going to the doctor became a frustrating and expensive task only to be prescribed the same antibiotics. With Scanwell, it has allowed me to get the care that I need quick saving me from having a uti at my wedding! The doctor even offered to talk over the phone to talk about symptoms I was experiencing due to my antibiotic. The tests are incredibly easy to take and have given me huge piece of mind. Honestly, Scanwell has been a game changer for me. Thanks guys!

— Madeline K., Verified Buyer

Don’t second guess it, just get it!


The whole process, from ordering, recovering, taking the test and even after has been very easy. If you struggle with reoccurring UTI’s I highly recommend this process for you. It’s easy, quick and effective!! Thank you guys for creating something so incredibly helpful!!

— Jillian S., Verified Buyer



These kits are amazing! I get UTIs about 3 times/year and usually have to go to urgent care in a last minute panic and spend $200+ for urine testing and antibiotics. With Scanwell, everything is 10x simpler. I can confirm what I already know from my symptoms in the comfort of my own home, and then pay a quarter of what I usually pay to get the antibiotics I need. I had my diagnosis within a couple of hours and my prescription was ready for pickup almost immediately. And the doctors who consult through the app follow up a couple days later to see if your symptoms have improved! What more could you want? I hope more people hear about Scanwell soon because it is a no-hassle game changer in the stressful, uncomfortable world of UTIs.

— doggie19

Test from anywhere

Experiencing UTI symptoms? As long as you’ve got a test kit and the Scanwell 
app, you can test from wherever you 
feel comfortable.

Skip the waiting room

Our test provides a result in as little as two minutes, with the same diagnostic accuracy as a urinalysis performed in a clinic.

Get same-day 

Request treatment with the tap of a button. We'll immediately connect you to an online doctor's office, so you can quickly get a prescription for the antibiotic treatment you need.



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