Without a urine test, 50% of suspected UTIs are misdiagnosed.

Scanwell is the first UTI testing app cleared by the FDA and clinically proven to get the same results as a urine test a doctor would perform.

Scanwell UTI Test Kit

Scanwell UTI Test Strip

Our test strips are the same as those used in urgent care, emergency rooms, and hospitals.

They detect the two key indicators of a UTI: leukocytes and nitrites.

Leukocytes are white blood cells. They aren't usually found in urine, so if they're present in yours, that's a good indicator that your body is fighting off an infection.

Nitrites are produced by Gram-negative bacteria including E. coli, which cause the majority of UTIs. If you have nitrites in your urine, it's a sign that this type of bacteria is present.

The app identifies a UTI using colorimetric analysis.

The Scanwell app and UTI Self Test Kit work together to identify a UTI in just 2 minutes.

When the test strip comes in contact with your urine, a color change occurs.

The app uses your phone’s camera to analyze the color change, providing a clinical-grade urinalysis from your smartphone.

Scanwell UTI Test Kits and app

Scanwell test strips are the same as those used in hospitals and doctor's offices.

Get accurate and effective treatment

We understand the risk associated with antibiotics, and testing with Scanwell ensures you only take antibiotics when you really need them.

Your options for treating a UTI today*

*does not include cost of antibiotics, which tend to range $5-15